Morten G. Madsen

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Over the past several years, the inherent scaling limitations of silicon (Si) electron devices have fuelled the exploration of alternative semiconductors, with high carrier mobility, to further enhance device performance. In particular, compound semiconductors heterogeneously integrated on Si substrates have been actively studied: such devices combine the(More)
As of yet, III-V p-type field-effect transistors (p-FETs) on Si have not been reported, due partly to materials and processing challenges, presenting an important bottleneck in the development of complementary III-V electronics. Here, we report the first high-mobility III-V p-FET on Si, enabled by the epitaxial layer transfer of InGaSb heterostructures with(More)
Nanoscale size effects drastically alter the fundamental properties of semiconductors. Here, we investigate the dominant role of quantum confinement in the field-effect device properties of free-standing InAs nanomembranes with varied thicknesses of 5-50 nm. First, optical absorption studies are performed by transferring InAs "quantum membranes" (QMs) onto(More)
We implement and evaluate a massively parallel and scalable algorithm based on a multigrid preconditioned Defect Correction method for the simulation of fully nonlinear free surface flows. The simulations are based on a potential model that describes wave propagation over uneven bottoms in three space dimensions and is useful for fast analysis and(More)
Recent advancements in the integration of nanoscale, single-crystalline semiconductor 'X' on substrate 'Y' (XoY) for use in transistor and sensor applications are presented. XoY is a generic materials framework for enabling the fabrication of various novel devices, without the constraints of the original growth substrates. Two specific XoY process schemes,(More)
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