Morten Bak Kristoffersen

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A variety of treatments have been historically used to alleviate phantom limb pain (PLP) with varying efficacy. Recently, virtual reality (VR) has been employed as a more sophisticated mirror therapy. Despite the advantages of VR over a conventional mirror, this approach has retained the use of the contralateral limb and is therefore restricted to(More)
Two groups of eight women (60-85 yr) undergoing gynaecological operations of 50 to 130 min duration were compared. Anaesthesia was induced with either thiopentone (mean 4.5 mg kg-1) or chlormethiazole (mean 6.0 mg kg-1) and maintained with nitrous oxide and pethidine in combination with the drug used for the induction. The hourly maintenance dose and the(More)
BACKGROUND Phantom limb pain is a debilitating condition for which no effective treatment has been found. We hypothesised that re-engagement of central and peripheral circuitry involved in motor execution could reduce phantom limb pain via competitive plasticity and reversal of cortical reorganisation. METHODS Patients with upper limb amputation and known(More)