Morsi El-Soda

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The technological and safety properties of 35 indigenous strains of Enterococcus faecium isolated from two Egyptian cheeses were characterised in order to determine their ability for rational manufacture of diversified and typical dairy products in the Middle East. A great diversity was observed within the 35 strains on the basis of their technological(More)
Twenty-one Lactobacillus isolates from "Sha'a" (a maize - based fermented beverage) and "Kossam" (traditionally fermented cow milk) were selected in accordance with their antagonistic activities and tested for their bacteriocinogenic potential as well as safety properties. These isolates were preliminarily identified as Lactobacillus plantarum (62%),(More)
Samples of raw milk and traditional dairy products were collected from different rural areas in the Delta region. 170 isolates from these products were identified using repetitive genomic element-PCR (Rep-PCR) fingerprinting. The identified isolates were tested for efficiency of biomass production and separation, acidifying activity, autolytic and(More)
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