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With an increasing emphasis on the emerging automatic person identification application, biometrics based, especially fingerprint-based identification, is receiving a lot of attention. This research developed an automatic fingerprint recognition system (AFRS) based on a hybrid between minutiae and correlation based techniques to represent and to match(More)
This paper is a result of a fruitful cooperation between the computer science and the dental diagnosis experiences. The study presents a new approach of applying computer algorithms to radiographic images of dental implantation used for bone regeneration. We focus here only on the contribution of the computer assistance to the clinical research as the(More)
Accurate and fast approaches for automatic ECG data classification are vital for clinical diagnosis of heart disease. To this end, we propose a novel multistage algorithm that combines various procedures for dimensionality reduction, consensus clustering of randomized samples and fast supervised classification algorithms for processing of the highly(More)
OBJECTIVE This article addresses the problem of determining optimal sequences of tests for the clinical assessment of cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN). We investigate the accuracy of using only one of the recommended Ewing tests to classify CAN and the additional accuracy obtained by adding the remaining tests of the Ewing battery. This is important as(More)
Spam is commonly defined as unsolicited email messages and the goal of spam categorization is to distinguish between spam and legitimate email messages. Many researchers have been trying to separate spam from legitimate emails using machine learning algorithms based on statistical learning methods. In this paper, an innovative and intelligent spam filtering(More)
There exists an enormous gap between low-level visual feature and high-level semantic information, and the accuracy of content-based image classification and retrieval depends greatly on the description of low-level visual features. Taking this into consideration, a novel texture and edge descriptor is proposed in this paper, which can be represented with a(More)
In the last decade, the efforts of spoken language processing have achieved significant advances, however, the work with emotional recognition has not progressed so far, and can only achieve 50% to 60% in accuracy. This is because a majority of researchers in this field have focused on the synthesis of emotional speech rather than focusing on automating(More)
Mobility service for hospital technicians involved in telemedicine applications is one of the key issues in providing more flexible and efficient in-house or remote health care services. Today, the Internet based communication has widened the opportunity of event monitoring systems in the medical field. The session initiation protocol (SIP) can work on a(More)
— IP source address spoofing exploits a fundamental weakness in the Internet Protocol. It is exploited in many types of network-based attacks such as session hijacking and Denial of Service (DoS). Ingress and egress filtering is aimed at preventing IP spoofing. Techniques such as History based filtering are being used during DoS attacks to filter out attack(More)