Morry Silberstein

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The kicking action predominantly used in Australian Rules football is considered to be responsible for many lower limb injuries. The aim of this study was to describe a non-invasive method of identifying the thigh muscles involved in kicking an Australian Rules football, using MRI. Both upper thighs of 10 recreational footballers were examined using a 1.5-T(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the relationship between referred itch (mitempfindung) stimulus and referral points and acupuncture meridians, noting that the neuroanatomical mechanism of mitempfindung has never previously been satisfactorily explained. METHODS Analysis of clinical findings in the author as well as subjects in four previously described studies,(More)
The plantar plate is the fibrocartilaginous structure that supports the ball of the foot, withstanding considerable compressive and tensile forces. This study describes the morphology of the plantar plate in order to understand its function and the pathologic disorders associated with it. Eight lesser metatarsophalangeal joint plantar plates from three(More)
The mechanism of acupuncture, whilst not known with certainty, has previously been considered to be stimulatory. A novel hypothesis is presented here in which C fiber tactile afferent axons bifurcate at acupuncture points and then diverge, running along acupuncture meridians, to subsequently communicate with Merkel cells. It is proposed that acupuncture(More)
In a prospective comparison between fast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences and conventional spin-echo in a series of 20 patients, gradient-echo imaging was found to be inferior to spin-echo, especially in the visualization of spinal cord oedema, and the use of a rapid spin-echo sequence was limited by inferior visualization of haemorrhage. While(More)
The presence, location and number of Schmorl's nodes was determined in the thoracolumbar spines of 70 motor vehicle accident victims using radiographic examination of a midline sagittal section and subsequent pathological examinations, including histology. In 28% of spines, a greater number of Schmorl's nodes were identified with radiography, while in 44%,(More)
BACKGROUND The term used most frequently in the literature to describe acupuncture's effects is "stimulation" which may be used to describe either (or both) the direct stimulus applied to a needle as well as putative stimulation of the nervous system, despite little published evidence describing what is actually being stimulated. In contrast, recent(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Laboratory studies have been used to identify nitric oxide as a notable mediator in neuronal death after acute brain injury. To our knowledge, this has not previously been confirmed with in vivo study in humans. Our purpose was to seek in vivo evidence for the induction of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in human acute brain injury by(More)