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Misunderstanding African Politics: Corruption & the Governance Agenda
Political corruption ‐ the misuse of public office or public responsibility for private (personal or sectional) gain ‐ has been an important theme of the neo‐liberal policies of adjustment,Expand
Between governance & under‐development: accumulation & Africa's ‘catastrophic corruption’
Capital eschews no profit, or very small profit, just as nature was formerly said to abhor a vacuum.With adequate profit, capital is very bold. A certain 10 per cent will ensure its employmentExpand
Clientelism, corruption & catastrophe
In the previous issue of this journal (ROAPE 84), the author argued that international anti‐corruption efforts created conflicts between aid donors and African debtor governments because theyExpand
“Eat With Us”: Managing Corruption and Patronage Under Zambia's Three Republics, 1964-99
Corruption has become an increasingly prominent element in international efforts to promote both economic and political reform in Africa and in other parts of the developing world. International aidExpand
The fall and rise of multi‐party politics in Zambia
The overwhelming electoral victory of the MMD in November 1991 restored multi‐party politics to Zambia and ended the UNIP monopoly of government which had existed since 1964. A coalition of forcesExpand
Political graft and the spoils system in Zambia — the state as a resource in itself
This article traces a number of cases of graft in Zambia to show the importance of this practice within the political system. Graft is treated as one element of a spoils system through whichExpand
Introduction: Narratives of Nationhood
This special issue of JSAS has its origins in a major conference held in Lusaka in September 2012, titled ‘Zambia 2014: Narratives of Nationhood’, organised in anticipation of this year’s fiftiethExpand
The rise of a Zambian capitalist class in the 1970s
The most significant structural change in Zambian society since independence has been the rapid proliferation and increasing political prominence of an indigenous owning class. We are concerned hereExpand
Commentary:the struggle for land
The main focus of this issue is the importance of land in Africa and, particularly, of struggles over access to land and land rights. The subject raises the recurrent theme of the relationshipExpand