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Research on syntax in recent decades has focused on four overlapping topics: 1. the laws that govern the assignment of words to positions in a hierarchical syntactic structure; 2. the laws that govern the assignment of words to more than one position in hierarchical syntactic structure (movement or chain formation); 3. the interface between syntactic(More)
Since Clements (1985) introduced feature geometry, four major innovations have been proposed: Unified Feature Theory, Vowel-Place Theory, Strict Locality, and Partial Spreading. We set out the problems that each innovation encounters and propose a new model of feature geometry and feature spreading that is not subject to these problems. Of the four(More)
Of 39 patients consecutively admitted for the treatment of primary mania, 21 (53.8%) simultaneously met the Research Diagnostic Criteria for major depressive disorder ("mixed" or "depressive" mania). Only nine (42.9%) of the 21 patients with depressive mania responded to antimanic agents. In contrast, 16 (88.9%) of the 18 patients with pure mania responded(More)
INTRODUCTION In this article we propose to characterize the accentual-syllabic meter known as iambic pentameter in the form in which it was first used by Geoffrey Chaucer. We view this meter as an abstract pattern which the poet has created or adopted, perhaps only in part consciously. The poet uses this pattern as a basis of selection so that he may choose(More)