Morris Halle

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. . . [T]he phonetic transcription is related by the rules of the phonological component to a string of formatives with labeled bracketing which represents the surface syntactic structure of the sentence. We will now examine in some detail the manner in which these formatives are represented in a linguistic description. Many of the formatives are lexical(More)
pattern which the poet has created or adopted, perhaps only in part consciously. The poet uses this pattern as a basis of selection so that he may choose out of the infinite number of sentences of natural language those which qualify for inclusion in the poem. In the verse of interest here the pattern consists in the regulation of two linguistically given(More)
This thesis explores the formal principles and parameters that model the space of attested, unattested, and microvarying patterns of vowel and consonant harmony. The proposal begins with a target-centric theory, in which harmony is the result of a Search, initiated by a segment "in need". Chapter 1 offers comparison with autosegmental, spreading-based(More)