Morris Halle

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Research on syntax in recent decades has focused on four overlapping topics: 1. the laws that govern the assignment of words to positions in a hierarchical syntactic structure; 2. the laws that govern the assignment of words to more than one position in hierarchical syntactic structure (movement or chain formation); 3. the interface between syntactic(More)
  • Paul Hagstrom, Benjamin Bruening, San Duanmu, Morris Halle, Michael Kenstowicz, David Pentland +3 others
  • 2002
This paper investigates a stress phenomenon which I refer to as " contextual metrical invisibility " in several languages, the primary examples being from Mohawk and Passamaquoddy. In each of these languages, there is a class of vowels which are, in certain contexts but not in others, invisible to syllable-sensitive processes. The proposal I make is that(More)
1. Abstract This thesis provides an analysis of scrambling, following the Minimalist program of Chomsky 1992, examining Hindi as a case study and occasionally making comparisons with Japanese. The first major claim is that there are two kinds of operations that yield scrambling. One type, called Outer scrambling, is an Operator-Variable construction and is(More)
  • N Kenneth, Stevens, H Dennis, Klatt, B David, Pisonitf +40 others
  • 2009
Preparations have been made to begin taking simultaneous electromyographic and cineradiographic data for use in conjunction with a dynamic model of the tongue.1 These preparations have included running some preliminary audio and cinesynchronization studies on a facility at a nearby hospital and obtaining the assistance of an outside laboratory in taking the(More)