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Research on syntax in recent decades has focused on four overlapping topics: 1. the laws that govern the assignment of words to positions in a hierarchical syntactic structure; 2. the laws that govern the assignment of words to more than one position in hierarchical syntactic structure (movement or chain formation); 3. the interface between syntactic(More)
Since Clements (1985) introduced feature geometry, four major innovations have been proposed: Unified Feature Theory, Vowel-Place Theory, Strict Locality, and Partial Spreading. We set out the problems that each innovation encounters and propose a new model of feature geometry and feature spreading that is not subject to these problems. Of the four(More)
A PCO2 electrode working on the principle of electrical conductivity is described. The calibration curve can be linearized according to the formula G = Go + b square root PCO2. This linearity has been tested in the PCO2 range of 0.93-9.33 kPa (7--70 Torr). For the experiments electrodes are used which have conductivity values of about 50 nS and drifts of(More)
Of 39 patients consecutively admitted for the treatment of primary mania, 21 (53.8%) simultaneously met the Research Diagnostic Criteria for major depressive disorder ("mixed" or "depressive" mania). Only nine (42.9%) of the 21 patients with depressive mania responded to antimanic agents. In contrast, 16 (88.9%) of the 18 patients with pure mania responded(More)