Morris G. Danielson

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Many firms deploy takeover defenses at the time of their IPOs, although at significantly lower rates than for seasoned corporations. We find that IPO managers deploy takeover defenses particularly when their compensation is high, shareholdings are small, and the oversight from non-managerial shareholders is weak. We also find that the presence of a takeover(More)
In locally anesthetized, paralyzed cats with bilateral conjugated estrogen (CE)-induced foci in sensory motor cortex, electrographic activity was characterized by 2 to 3 Hz spike and slow wave discharge. Commonly used anti-petit mal drugs (esthosuximide, trimethadione, acetazolamide and diazepam) all reduced CE-induced spike wave activity while(More)
We thank the Whitcomb Center for Research in Financial Services for providing research support through use of the WRDS system. Abstract This teaching note explains how analysts' earnings estimates (issued early in a fiscal year) affect the valuation process, illustrating key concepts with analyst forecast data. To derive estimates of future earnings,(More)
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