Morris Chang

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Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy affects respiration during sleep and can interrupt sleep. VNS has also been noted to improve excessive daytime sleepiness. The authors present a patient who developed excessive daytime sleepiness after VNS placement, as a consequence of apneas and arousals associated with intermittent electrical stimulation of the left(More)
This paper presents a teaching experience in using VHDL and CPLD in the senior digital design course. The course focus on teaching the top-down design methodology through hands-on experiments. The industrial available tools — Maxplus2, made possible through Altera’s University Program, provide our students a smooth transition from academic concepts to(More)
As embedded systems continue to evolve, Java becomes an attractive alternative to traditional languages for embedded hardware platforms. However, there are a number of obstacles for Java to hurdle in order to fulfill all the requirements of any real-time embedded systems. This paper presents an architectural view of a memory design for the embedded Java(More)
The goal of the project was to develop a method for obtaining timing information for Linux processes and threads that is more precise than the one currently provided by getrusage(). The getrusage() system call is a fairly standard one, that returns the time a process has been running (CPU time) in terms of seconds and microseconds. With even the most recent(More)
Dynamic software updating provides many benefits, e.g. in runtime monitoring, runtime adaptation to fix bugs in long running applications, etc. Although it has several advantages, no quantitative analysis of its costs and revenue are available to show its benefits or limitations especially in comparison with other software updating schemes. To address this(More)
The latest trend towards performance asymmetry among cores on a single chip of a multicore processor is posing new challenges. For effective utilization of these performanceasymmetric multicore processors, code sections of a program must be assigned to cores such that the resource needs of code sections closely matches resource availability at the assigned(More)
Testing object-oriented software is critical because object-oriented languages have been commonly used in developing modern software systems. Many efficient test input generation techniques for object-oriented software have been proposed; however, stateof-the-art algorithms yield very low code coverage (e.g., less than 50%) on large-scale software.(More)
Welcome to the COMPSAC 2016 Symposium on Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Computing (MOWU). Riding on the rapidly growing trend in making the world highly connected via various communication infrastructures and ubiquitous portable devices, especially high bandwidth wireless communication, regardless of user location and device mobility, it is important to(More)