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Complementation of a potato virus X mutant mediated by bombardment of plant tissues with cloned viral movement protein genes.
Results show that co-bombardment of cDNA of an MP-defective virus with plasmids designed to express MP of other viruses could be used as a fast and simple method for transcomplementation experiments. Expand
Movement protein-derived resistance to triple gene block-containing plant viruses.
Two mutant potato virus X (PVX) movement protein (MP) genes (m 12K-Sal and m 12K-Kpn) were obtained by inserting specific linkers at the boundary between the N-terminal hydrophobic and putativeExpand
The nucleotide sequence of potato virus X RNA.
Use of highly conserved motifs in plant virus RNA polymerases as the tags for specific detection of carmovirus-related RNA-dependent RNA polymerase genes.
Two highly degenerate primers for sequence-specific amplification and cloning of a 510-nucleotide-long segment of RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase (RdRp) genes were selected and synthesized on the basisExpand
A novel open reading frame in tobacco mosaic virus genome coding for a putative small, positively charged protein.
From sequence comparisons between the tobramovirus genomes an open reading frame (ORF-X) potentially encoding a small, positively charged protein (33- to 45-amino-acids long) was found to overlap theExpand
Partial nucleotide sequence of potato virus M RNA shows similarities to protexviruses in gene arrangement and the encoded amino acid sequences.
The nucleotide sequence of the 3'-proximal 2630 nucleotides of potato virus M (PVM) genomic RNA was determined and there was extensive similarity between these proteins and the corresponding proteins encoded by the conserved triple gene block in the RNA of potexviruses. Expand
Beet yellows closterovirus HSP70-like protein mediates the cell-to-cell movement of a potexvirus transport-deficient mutant and a hordeivirus-based chimeric virus.
The ability of BYV p65 to substitute for the potexvirus or hordeivirus MPs provides direct evidence for its involvement in the cell-to-cell movement of closterovirus infection. Expand
Poly(A) addition site mapping and polyadenylation signal analysis in a plant circovirus replication-related gene.
Observations and the finding of a silent CFDV AATAAA sequence downstream of the active poly(A) signal confirm the role of the upstream elements in processing of RNA transcripts in plants. Expand
Expression strategy of the potato virus X triple gene block.
Results of In vitro translation of synthetic RNA transcripts and natural PVX-specific methylmercuric hydroxide-denatured dsRNAs suggest that the 25K protein is expressed as a single translation product of the 2.1 kb subgenomic (sg) RNA and that both the 12K and 8K proteins are expressed from the same 1.4 kb sgRNA. Expand
The putative RNA replicase of potato virus M: obvious sequence similarity with potex- and tymoviruses.
On the basis of comparison of the protein sequences of the putative virus-specific replicases, carlaviruses can be placed in the "Sindbis-like" supergroup of plus-stranded RNA viruses. Among these,Expand