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Many varieties of working memory have been linked to fluid intelligence. In Duncan et al. (Journal of Experimental Psychology:General 137:131-148, 2008), we described limited working memory for new task rules: When rules are complex, some may fail in their control of behavior, though they are often still available for explicit recall. Unlike other kinds of(More)
Three variations of the in vitro neonatal rat spinal cord preparation were used to investigate motor responses to stimulation of the ventrolateral funiculus (VLF). In a partially hemisected spinal cord preparation, stimuli elicited frequency-dependent activity in lumbar ventral roots that outlasted the stimulus train by up to 30 s. In a spinal cord-hindlimb(More)
Alcohol addiction is a problem of great societal concern, for which there is scope to improve current treatments. One potential new treatment for alcohol addiction is based on disrupting the reconsolidation of the maladaptive Pavlovian memories that can precipitate relapse to drug-seeking behavior. In alcohol self-administering rats, we investigated the(More)
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