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This retrospective study aimed at investigating indications, surgical approaches, and the materials used for orbital floor reconstructions, as well as the clinical follow-up, particularly with regard to postoperative complications. This study comprised 189 patients who underwent surgery for fractures of the orbital floor between 2003 and 2007. Diagnosis and(More)
We report four cases of corneoconjunctival keratinization that were successfully treated with topical retinoic acid ointment. In two cases keratinization was due to squamous metaplasia and in two others it was secondary to intraepithelial corneoconjunctival neoplasia. Treatment reversed severe keratinization in a case of drug-induced pseudopemphigoid and(More)
BACKGROUND To estimate the presence and severity of capsular contracture in patients after breast implants an objective measurement tool is necessary. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eleven patients (range of age 37 to 53 years) who underwent cosmetic breast augmentation (seven patients with bilateral implants) or breast reconstruction by mammary asymmetry (four(More)
This ultrasound study investigated the frequency, location, and diameter of segmental blood supply of 34 lower legs in relation to muscle size. Furthermore, we investigated the possibilities and constraints of distally pedicled peroneus brevis muscle flaps, which allow defect coverage down to the medial as well as the lateral ankle. In the proximal part of(More)
OBJECTIVE Incidence of patients requiring complex soft tissue or osseous reconstruction has dramatically increased. However most of the monitoring systems have limitations in tissue penetration and are not able to detect microvascular complications after transplantation of so-called buried-flaps, that have no contact to the surface.Aim of the study was to(More)
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