Moritz Kraemer

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A review of literature and own clinical studies confirm that best postoperative functional results in complete rectal prolapse may be reached with rectopexy in combination with partial resection of the colon. Incontinence may be improved in 38% to 93%, depending on the author. Constipation may be reduced in 41% to 83% of the cases. In comparison, rectopexy(More)
The current incidence of appendicitis is about 100 per 100,000 person-years in Europe/America. Whereas the appendectomy rate is still decreasing, the incidence of appendicitis is now nearly stable. During the last 30 years the incidence of perforated appendicitis has not changed (approximately 20 per 100,000 person-years). Established risk factors for acute(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out whether perforated and unperforated appendicitis are separate diseases and can be distinguished clinically. DESIGN Prospective multicentre study. SETTING 11 departments of surgery in Germany and Austria. SUBJECTS 519 patients over 6 years old who had histologically confirmed acute appendicitis between October 1994 and March 1996.(More)
and participants at the Cartagena workshop for their comments on the first draft. 2 1. Introduction and summary. Colombia's political system, despite the constitutional reform of 1991, is failing to deliver an adequate level of public goods in the crucial dimension of law and order. Urban and rural violence, civil war and the expansion of cocaine production(More)
The results of rectal digital examinations performed on 477 patients upon admission with histopathologically proven acute appendicitis from a total of 2280 patients with acute abdominal pain were analyzed. Although 13.7% of the patients experienced pain on the right side and 7.4% pain in the pouch of Douglas during rectal examination, none of the rectal(More)
This paper explores the link between fiscal decentralization and government size in Latin America. While most related work attempts to test Brennan and Buchannan's "Liviathan" hypothesis, here the emphasis is placed on a different channel: the potential for decentralization to aggravate the common pool problem. In addition to the degree of expenditure(More)
Due to its high resolution and the possibility to compare the images with previous examinations the transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) can lead to an earlier diagnosis of locally recurrent rectal cancers. Using TRUS we were able to correctly identify ten of 12 local recurrences. In four cases TRUS was the only diagnostic tool as neither the alternative imaging(More)
In two patients with cardiac infarction of a medical intensive care unit blisters developing into deep necroses were observed on the upper extremities and adjoining regions of the trunk within the first days of treatment. Clinical findings and histology indicated extensive caustic artefacts. The cause for the initially mysterious event was found to be a(More)