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In this paper the software environment and algorithm collection ACADO Toolkit is presented, which implements tools for automatic control and dynamic optimization. It provides a general framework for using a great variety of algorithms for direct optimal control, including model predictive control as well as state and parameter estimation. The ACADO Toolkit(More)
This overview paper reviews numerical methods for solution of optimal control problems in real-time, as they arise in nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) as well as in moving horizon estimation (MHE). In the first part, we review numerical optimal control solution methods, focussing exclusively on a discrete time setting. We discuss several(More)
The goal of this paper is to demonstrate the capacity of Model Predictive Control to generate stable walking motions without the use of predefined foot steps. Building up on well-known Model Predictive Control schemes for walking motion generation, we show that a minimal modification of these schemes allows designing an online walking motion generator which(More)
Nearly all algorithms for linear model predictive control (MPC) either rely on the solution of convex quadratic programs (QPs) in real time, or on an explicit precalculation of this solution for all possible problem instances. In this paper, we present an online active set strategy for the fast solution of parametric QPs arising in MPC. This strategy(More)
Modern digital subscriber line (DSL) networks suffer from crosstalk among different lines in the same cable bundle. This crosstalk can lead to a major performance degradation. By balancing the transmit power spectra, the impact of crosstalk can be minimized leading to spectacular performance gains. This is referred to as spectrum management. In this paper,(More)
Optimization problems in chemical engineering often involve complex systems of nonlinear DAE as the model equations. The direct multiple shooting method has been known for a while as a fast off-line method for optimization problems in ODE and later in DAE. Some factors crucial for its fast performance are briefly reviewed. The direct multiple shooting(More)
In this paper we present an automatic C-code generation strategy for real-time nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC), which is designed for applications with kilohertz sample rates. The corresponding code export module has been implemented within the software package ACADO Toolkit. It is capable of exporting fixed step-size integrators together with(More)
We extend recent work on nonlinear optimal control problems with integer restrictions on some of the control functions (mixed-integer optimal control problems, MIOCP). We improve a theorem [25] that states that the solution of a relaxed and convexified problem can be approximated with arbitrary precision by a solution fulfilling the integer requirements.(More)