Moritz Chemnitz

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Based on recent industrial needs for a flexible integration of supervisory control systems and novel intuitive manual control units a new control layer is introduced. The control layer affords adaptive behaviour in terms of process and motion planning as well as flexible manual control of arbitrary robot controllers. It is located between the industrial(More)
Rising demands to smaller lot sizes and more flexibility in production processes inspired the idea of selforganising production by the use of “intelligent” parts. This is achieved by self-sustaining wireless nodes — Process-eGrains — to transfer the production control and logic from a centralised approach to a distributed logic.(More)
Energy conservation is a key aspect towards sustainability and is pursued by both, research and industry. To this end, we present measurements of the power consumption of two industrial robots. Based on a selected motion pattern the velocity and acceleration of the robot is varied and we show that the power is measurable with good repeatability. The energy(More)
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