Moritz C. Weber

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Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) evolved as an important architectural concept in software engineering. Although the services of an SOA are loosely coupled and reusable, there have been few considerations of SOA in terms of End User Development (EUD). In this paper we will analyze the potential of SOA for the development of adaptable systems and propose(More)
Digital currencies are a globally spreading phenomenon that is frequently and also prominently addressed by media, venture capitalists, financial and governmental institutions alike. As exchange prices for Bitcoin have reached multiple peaks within 2013, we pose a prevailing and yet academically unaddressed question: What are users' intentions when changing(More)
This empirical study explores the different factors influencing the runtime of a booking process in the middle office of a major European investment company. The study is based on mixed methods research that combines qualitative research data collection techniques with a quantitative research approach. On the basis of semi-structured interviews, we first(More)
In the course of technological evolution security markets offer low-latency access to their customers. Although latency figures are used as marketing instruments, only little research sheds light on the means of those figures. This paper provides a performance measure on the effect of latency in the context of the competitive advantage of IT. Based on a(More)
Recent developments suggest the existence of links between quantum groups and quantum information theory. Both fields have common problems and areas of interest, such as random matrix theory. They also share important technical tools, despite developing independently. However, there has never been a joint meeting involving these two communities. This(More)
Compact matrix quantum groups act naturally on Cuntz algebras. The first author isolated certain conditions under which the fixed point algebras under this action are Kirchberg algebras. Hence they are completely determined by their K-groups. Building on prior work by the second author, we prove that free easy quantum groups satisfy these conditions and we(More)
Information Technology heavily transforms the financial industry and already changed the intermediating services of brokers. This class of service providers has to fulfill the trading of especially large orders with best possible executions and within a given time frame. Based on previous research in order executions, we develop a model for survival(More)
ii The brain is the most important muscle for writing a thesis (modified quote from the famous climber Wolfgang Güllich, who once noted that the brain is the most important muscle for climbing) iii iv Acknowledgements First of all, I want to express my gratitude towards my supervisor Professor Christian Bender, who gave me the opportunity to work in the(More)