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Health Care Financing Administration data from 1985 to 1990 revealed 339,152 total knee arthroplasties of which 62,730 (18.6%) were bilateral procedures (simultaneous 112,922; staged 6 weeks, 4354; staged 3 months, 4524; staged 6 months, 9829; and staged 1 year 31,401). Medicare beneficiaries undergoing bilateral procedures were an average of 73 years of(More)
Obesity, especially morbid obesity, is reported to be a relative contraindication to laparoscopy. A technique for trocar introduction and laparoscopy of the obese patient to eliminate this contraindication is described. The technique presented herein differs from the traditional method by: 1, primary trocar entry at a 90 degree angle to the horizontal(More)
Working Papers " Offshoring and Occupational Specificity of Human Capital " (submitted). " Trade and Inequality: A Directed Search Model with Firm and Worker Heterogeneity " (working paper). " Education, Careers and LifeTime Earnings " , with G. Kambourov (in progress). " Performance-Pay, Job Design and Wage Inequality " , with Z. Li (in progress).
These investigations were concerned with the response of squirrel monkey sperm to freezing. A procedure involving preincubation at 37 degrees C, progressive cooling combined with a two-step dilution, and freezing on Dry Ice was applied to semen samples collected by electroejaculation from two animals. Sperm concentrations in these samples were 321.8 X(More)
The patient who seeks medical attention for abnormal vaginal bleeding represents an enormous responsibility. The physiologic systems that may be defective are numerous. If a diagnosis of dysfunctional uterine bleeding is made there must still be an investigation of the hormonal imbalance. The specific cause must be known in order to treat the patient(More)
In a multicenter trial involving 11 centers, 160 women were enrolled to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of 1 or 2 gm of cefotetan administered every 12 hours in the treatment of obstetric and gynecologic infections. The 133 evaluable patients generally were under 25 years of age, were nonwhite, and had hospital-acquired endometritis or pelvic(More)