Moritaka Kimura

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BACKGROUND Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is considered a biomarker of human aging and based on cross-sectional studies it shortens with age. However, longitudinal studies reported that many adults display LTL lengthening. METHODS Using Southern blots, we compared cross-sectional rates of age-related LTL change across a ∼20 year age range with those(More)
The OPERA neutrino experiment at the underground Gran Sasso Laboratory has measured the velocity of neutrinos from the CERN CNGS beam over a baseline of about 730 km with much higher accuracy than previous studies conducted with accelerator neutrinos. The measurement is based on high-statistics data taken by OPERA in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Dedicated(More)
We investigate whether a pc-scale jet of 3C345 is dominated by a normal plasma or an electron-positron plasma. We present a general condition that a jet component becomes optically thick for synchrotron self-absorption, by extending the method originally developed by Reynolds et al. The general condition gives a lower limit of the electron number density,(More)
Introduction: Ca-Tschermak (hereafter CaTs), CaAl 2 SiO 6 , component has been one of the most important hypothetical members of pyroxene, and CaTs-rich pyroxene was abundantly reported from refractory inclusions in carbonaceous chondrites [e.g., 1]. However, the nature of such pyroxene has not been characterized in detail because of their tiny grain size.(More)
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has developed a new VLBI sampler unit named K5/VSSP32 dedicated to e-VLBI which is a successor to the K5/VSSP. The maximum sampling frequency per channel of the K5/VSSP32 is 64 MHz, which is four times as fast as that of K5/VSSP. In addition to the maximum sampling frequency, there is a(More)
The southwestern Ryukyu area east of Taiwan Island is an arcuate boundary between Philippine Sea Plate and Eurasian Plate. The topographic features in the area are characterised by (1) a large-scale amphitheatre off Ishi-gaki Island, just on the estimated epicentre of the tsunami-genic earthquake in 1771, (2) lots of deep sea canyons located north of the(More)
BACKGROUND To clarify the influence of hypertension and blood pressure (BP) control on thromboembolism and major hemorrhage in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation, a post hoc analysis of the J-RHYTHM Registry was performed. METHODS AND RESULTS A consecutive series of outpatients with atrial fibrillation was enrolled from 158 institutions. Of(More)
The precise measurement of forces is one way to obtain deep insight into the fundamental interactions present in nature. In the context of neutral antimatter, the gravitational interaction is of high interest, potentially revealing new forces that violate the weak equivalence principle. Here we report on a successful extension of a tool from atom(More)
Introduction: Amoeboid olivine aggregates (AOA) are aggregates of olivine grains that condensed in the solar nebula. Therefore, by studying these aggregates we may understand condensation processes in the early solar nebula. Although many studies on AOAs have been made [e.g. 1], many unsolved issues still remain. For instance, we do not know whether olivine(More)
Introduction: Deciphering the origin and thermal histories of chondrules, metal and other components in chondrites is essential to our understanding of the early solar system. The unusual characteristics of the CB chondrites have generated considerable interest and disagreement over the origin and significance of their components. Their unusual(More)