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Artifact metrics is an information security technology that uses the intrinsic characteristics of a physical object for authentication and clone resistance. Here, we demonstrate nano-artifact metrics based on silicon nanostructures formed via an array of resist pillars that randomly collapse when exposed to electron-beam lithography. The proposed technique(More)
Optical near-field interactions exhibit high-efficiency energy transfer between closely positioned nanometric materials, and the subsequent optical response induced by the transfer can be controlled by modulating the spatial distribution. We experimentally demonstrated the basic concept of such modulatable optical near-field interactions, termed Modulatable(More)
Nano-artifact metrics exploit unique physical attributes of nanostructured matter for authentication and clone resistance, which is vitally important in the age of Internet-of-Things where securing identities is critical. However, expensive and huge experimental apparatuses, such as scanning electron microscopy, have been required in the former studies.(More)
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