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The effect of the prostaglandin I2 analog, beraprost sodium (BPS), on hemodialysis (HD) patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) has not been fully elucidated. The effect of BPS was compared to that of PAD drugs in HD patients with PAD in a multicenter randomized prospective interventional pilot study (J-PADD). Seventy-two PAD patients on HD were(More)
A 10-year-old dog, which had been treated for mitral insufficiency, died suddenly. Transmural myocardial infarction secondary to thromboembolic occlusion of the subsinuosal interventricular branch of the left circumflex artery was noted in the posterior lower half of the left ventricular wall, involving the interventricular septum and a part of right(More)
A 72-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital for further evaluation of a abnormal shadow in left middle lung field. The patient had undergone right mastectomy for infiltrating ductal carcinoma 19 years ago. She had no symptom, but had a time of mass X-ray screening this year. Chest CT finding showed a nodule 2 cm in diameter with slight irregular margin(More)
We investigated the influence of PEEP on left ventricular diastolic function using the pressure-volume loops by employing a micromanometer catheter and a conductance catheter placed in the left ventricle of the eight mongrel dogs. Time constant of diastolic interval was shortened under the condition of 15 cmH2O of PEEP compared with the control value (PEEP(More)
Since in the absence of clinically overt metastatic disease tumorous lesions within the adrenal gland are found in only 2-10% of cases, the majority of renal cell cancer patients are overtreated by adrenalectomy as an integral part of nephrectomy. The medical records of 847 patients undergoing adrenalectomy in combination with nephrectomy irrespective of(More)
A 29-year-old male was admitted to our hospital for further evaluation of left sided paresis, cyanosis, clubbing finger. The laboratory data revealed polycythemia and hypoxemia. Cerebralarteriogram showed right middle cerebral artery occulusion. Cardiofunctional test showed atrial fibrillation, lower left ventricular function. Cardiac catheterization,(More)
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