Morgan Swink

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Purpose: This paper presents a framework that will help manufacturing firms to configure their internal production and support operations to enable effective and efficient delivery of products and their closely associated services. Design/methodology/approach: First we establish the key definitions and literature sources directly associated with(More)
In this paper we focus on the integration of strategic objectives and process knowledge that a manufacturing factory collects from its external interfaces. Using data from a variety of manufacturing industries, this study examines four different types of strategic integration at the manufacturing plant level. We use a path analytic approach to(More)
In this paper, we develop a theory of efficiency and performance tradeoffs for new product development (NPD) projects. Data from 137 completed NPD projects are analyzed for evidence pointing to tradeoffs in performance patterns manifested in the data. In addition, we investigate hypothesized relationships between certain NPD practices and a holistic,(More)
The study of marketing–manufacturing integration (MMI) in new product development (NPD) projects is rather limited, and has not clearly indicated how levels of MMI should differ across various stages of development for high and low levels of product innovativeness. Our study builds upon prior research that has applied resource dependency theory to product(More)