Morgan Sherman

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In [Don05b] Donaldson gives three operators on a space of Hermitian met-rics on a complex projective manifold: T, Tν, TK. Iterations of these operators converge to balanced metrics, and these themselves approximate constant scalar curvature met-rics. In this paper we investigate the convergence properties of these iterations by examining the case of the(More)
Mathematicians generally accept [1, 5] that the term trigonometric polynomial, refers to a function f (t) ∈ C ∞ (R, C) which can be expressed in the following form: f (t) = k n=0 a n cos(nt) + k n=1 b n sin(nt) for some nonnegative integer k and complex numbers a 0 ,. an important role in many areas of pure and applied mathematics and are likely to be quite(More)
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