Morgan Roger

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This article presents the optimization process for a new architecture of digital-enhanced radio frequency receiver. This receiver is based on combining charge sampling filters and hybrid filter banks techniques. We describe the structure optimization based on a compromise between performance and implementation constraints. We then show the performances(More)
In this paper, we present an online identification method to the problem of parameter estimation from binary observations. A recursive identification algorithm with low-storage requirements and computational complexity is derived. We prove the convergence of this method provided that the input signal satisfies a strong mixing property. Some simulation(More)
A new criterion for sequential design of experiments for linear regression model is developed. Considering the information provided by previous collected data is a well-known strategy to decide for the next design point in the case of nonlinear models. The paper applies this strategy for linear models. Besides, the problem is addressed in the context of(More)
This article presents a digital-enhanced radio frequency receiver for fast wide-band spectrum sensing. It is based on charge sampling and hybrid filter bank techniques. The charge sampling method is employed to design analog bandpass filters. Using a hybrid filter bank for wide-band analog-to-digital conversion improves the speed and resolution of the(More)
Any digitization system must be preceded by an anti-aliasing filter. For wideband high frequency applications, parallel multi-rate conversion systems such as time-interleaved or hybrid filter bank analog-to-digital converters (resp. TIADC or HFB) are attractive solutions. This paper compares the robustness of both techniques with respect to non-idealities(More)
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