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1 The effects of propranolol and atenolol given in random order in a cross-over study to fifteen patients with essential hypertension have been studied. 2 Both drugs were effective in lowering blood pressure and side effects were not markedly different. 3 There was no change in exchangeable sodium or potassium or in total body potassium during treatment(More)
AIM Normal growth patterns are seen throughout the first decade in children with cystic fibrosis (CF). Growth in the second decade is, however, less satisfactory and may reflect pubertal delay. This study was performed to assess the extent of pubertal delay, to examine factors that influence the timing and magnitude of the pubertal growth spurt, and to(More)
BACKGROUND Sacral and posterior tibial nerve stimulation may be used to treat faecal incontinence; however, the mechanism of action is unknown. The aim of this study was to establish whether sensory activation of the cerebral cortex by anal canal stimulation was increased by peripheral neuromodulation. METHODS A multielectrode array was positioned over(More)
Thromboembolism is considered a rare occurrence in the course of Churg-Strauss syndrome. We report three patients who experienced vascular occlusions at relapse and at first diagnosis of Churg-Strauss syndrome. The pathogenesis of thrombosis in Churg-Strauss syndrome and the potential role played by the eosinophil are discussed.
A prospective randomised block study of treatment by either argon laser trabeculoplasty or trabeculectomy was undertaken in patients with chronic open angle glaucoma not controlled by medication. The study was undertaken in two centres in the United Kingdom where the regimes of medical treatment prior to interference were different. Regression analysis(More)
The results of conventional occlusion, minimal occlusion and CAM treatment in the management of amblyopia have been investigated in two disparate populations from Cambridge, England and Ankara, Turkey. Each of these methods of treatment was equally effective as an initial therapy. However, if one form of therapy was ineffective or only partially successful,(More)
Growth in length, weight gain, and head circumference were recorded from 3 months to 4 years of age in 25 children with cystic fibrosis diagnosed by neonatal screening. Mean standard deviation (SD) scores at 3 months for length, weight, and head circumference were -0.78, -0.91, and -0.52 respectively. Over the first 2 years length SD scores showed a(More)
Monthly increments of length, weight gain, and head circumference were recorded from birth to 4 years of age in 52 children with cystic fibrosis. At birth the children showed stunting. Standard deviation (SD) scores at birth for height, weight, and head circumference were -1.24, -0.72, and -1.82 respectively. Over the first four years, length and weight SD(More)
Conjugate Gradients via Mathcad Plus 6 T his study was motivated primarily by the author's interest in numerical methods at both a teaching and research level. Much has already been written about " standard " Mathcad 6 and the purpose of this article is to focus on, and use, some of the features of Plus 6 which are not available in the standard version. In(More)