Morgan Milner

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A 12 month review of infants admitted with neonatal abstinence syndrome to a neonatal intensive care unit was undertaken. The relationship of maternal drug abuse to symptoms, the effectiveness of pharmacologic agents in controlling symptoms and the length of inpatient stay were investigated. A retrospective review of maternal and infant records was(More)
OBJECTIVE A prospective study was designed to evaluate the effects of hormone replacement therapy on mammographic density in postmenopausal women. The possible association of breast pain with increased mammographic density was evaluated. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-three postmenopausal women undergoing hormone replacement therapy for a mean of 11 months(More)
There were 28,600 deliveries of 500 g or more to women at the Rotunda Hospital between January 1st 1985 and December 1st 1989. Of these, 595 were to women aged 40 years and over. Thirty-five variables of clinical significance were analyzed, comparing those of 40 years of age and more with those under 40. The older group had significant increases in(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify and compare the effect of two different hormone replacement therapy regimens on bone mineral density (BMD) and serum alkaline phosphate levels against a group of no treatment control volunteers. METHODS An open 104-week comparative study of 113 early postmenopausal women. Fifty volunteered for the no treatment arm; the remainder were(More)
Sodium efflux rates were measured in leucocytes from eighteen normotensive subjects who had one or more first-degree relatives with essential hypertension and from twenty-four matched controls with no such family history. The total efflux rate constant was significantly lower in those with a family history of hypertension, owing to reduced ouabain-sensitive(More)
Current diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) relies upon detection of toxins A/B in stool by enzyme immunoassay [EIA(A/B)]. This strategy is unsatisfactory because it has a low sensitivity resulting in significant false negatives. We investigated the performance of a two-step algorithm for diagnosis of CDI using detection of glutamate(More)
BACKGROUND Neurologic abnormalities may occur in pregnancy as a manifestation of neurologic or systemic disease. We present an unusual case of preeclampsia presenting with a sixth nerve lesion. CASE A 33-year-old woman, gravida 2, presented at 38 weeks' gestation with sixth nerve palsy. She was hypertensive and proteinuric, with plasma urea of 24 mg/dL.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess changes in lipid-lipoprotein profile in postmenopausal women taking tibolone and estrogen-progestin, compared with untreated controls. METHODS Sixty-three women were randomized to take a combined estrogen-progestin preparation (n = 31) or tibolone (n = 32), and 50 other women acted as controls. Fasting lipid-lipoprotein levels were(More)
Expanding a conceptual framework, we differentiated services on the basis of their levels of captivity (the difficulty of a customer’s leaving) and intensity (the number of services performed), arguing that context is especially critical to service delivery when these levels are high. Data from cruise ships generally supported our hypotheses. We report(More)
We conducted two research studies to address the malleability of tolerance of ambiguity (TA) by manipulating situational ambiguity. Students participated in a semester-end assessment of their management skills (n = 306). In Study 1, students in low and moderate ambiguity conditions had significantly higher post-experiment TA, more positive change in(More)