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CHIMP, the CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform
We have developed the CHIMP CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform robot as a platform for executing complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments. Expand
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Parameter Bias from Unobserved Effects in the Multinomial Logit Model of Consumer Choice
Over the past two decades, validation of choice models has focused on predictive validity rather than parameter bias. In real-world validation of choice models, true parameter values are unknown, soExpand
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IL-10 Restricts Memory T Cell Inflation during Cytomegalovirus Infection
The β-herpesvirus CMV induces a substantial and progressive expansion of virus-specific memory CD8 T cells, which protect the host against viral reactivation from latency. In this paper, we reportExpand
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Biphasic role of 4-1BB in the regulation of mouse cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells
The initial requirement for the emergence of CMV‐specific CD8+ T cells is poorly understood. Mice deficient in the cosignaling TNF superfamily member, 4‐1BB, surprisingly developed exaggerated earlyExpand
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Early-stage venture capital in South Africa: Challenges and prospects
The aim of this paper is to assess which factors impact the development of early-stage venture capital in South Africa. Factors identified for other markets and countries are explored and theirExpand
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Computer assisted versus conventional total knee replacement: a comparison of tourniquet time, blood loss and length of stay.
UNLABELLED AIMS AND INTRODUCTION: The aim of this study was to assess whether navigated total knee arthroplasty (TKA) reduces peri-operative blood loss and post-operative length of stay when comparedExpand
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The longitudinal anatomy of the long head of the biceps tendon and implications on tenodesis
AbstractPurpose Regarding biceps tenodesis, there are no evidence-based recommendations for the ideal level at which to cut and stabilize the tendon. The purpose of this study is to provideExpand
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The Relationship Between Glenohumeral Internal Rotational Deficits, Total Range of Motion, and Shoulder Strength in Professional Baseball Pitchers
Introduction: Although the lack of internal rotation (IR) and total range of motion (TRM) has been identified as a significant contributing factor of shoulder injuries, our goal was to determineExpand
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Are albumin and total lymphocyte count significant and reliable predictors of mortality in fractured neck of femur patients?
Abstract Hip fractures are a significant cause of mortality and morbidity in the elderly. It is important to identify factors that predict an increased mortality following hip fracture. The aim ofExpand
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Clopidogrel: is a surgical delay necessary in fractured neck of femur?
INTRODUCTION This paper assesses the outcomes of patients after surgery for a proximal femur fracture while on clopidogrel. It describes a single-centre retrospective observational study over aExpand
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