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Neglect is the most common type of elder maltreatment in the United States. Currently, the only formal intervention available is provided by each state's adult protective service agency (APS). Elder neglect involves a complicated relationship among an indvidual's medical problems, social situation, and ability to function in the environment. Geriatric(More)
As a mom and a teenage patient with a rare autoimmune disease that requires monthly hospitalizations, we are big believers in making communication in the hospital more cohesive and inclusive. Family-centered rounds make a lot of sense from a patient and family point of view. When we first heard that our hospital was an advocate of rounds including the(More)
Older persons represent the fastest growing segment of the population and are already known to be the most prominent consumers of medications in the health care industry. The factors posited to account for this phenomenon include the perception of physical disability and the increased incidence of chronic diseases in this population. The management of an(More)
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