Morgan E Barnes

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We report an experiment designed to investigate the temporal dynamics of the visuotactile crossmodal congruency effect. Vibrotactile targets were presented randomly to the index finger (top side of a hand-held cube) or thumb (bottom side) of either hand while visual distractors were presented randomly from one of the same four possible locations. The(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the potential pathogenicity of the bacterium Flavobacterium columnare on rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss eyed eggs. Survival to hatching was unaffected by the inclusion in the incubation water of either 300 colony-forming units (CFU) ml(-1) or 3000 CFU ml(-1) of F. columnare at either 10 or 12 degrees C in either(More)
CONTEXT Public Health Ontario (PHO) publishes various infectious disease surveillance reports, but none have yet been formally evaluated. OBJECTIVE PHO evaluated its monthly and annual infectious disease surveillance reports to assess public health stakeholders' current perception of the products and to develop recommendations for improving future(More)
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