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Psychosocial distress is common in cancer patients. Although common, psychosocial distress is frequently under-diagnosed and poorly managed in the U.S. health system. This paper describes 25 in-depth telephone interviews with health care professionals working within cancer care centers. Interview questions address perception of the psychosocial services(More)
Although common, psychosocial distress is frequently under diagnosed and untreated in the US health care system. Previous research shows that cancer patients have unmet psychosocial needs, and provision of psychosocial care frequently falls to primary care providers who may lack the resources to adequately deal with complex psychosocial issues. We conducted(More)
This paper presents a discussion of the historical development of deinstitutionalization in the United States, including the political, ideological, and social origins of that policy. The outcomes of deinstitutionalization are considered, including the impact of the policy on the quality of life of people with severe mental disorders. The authors also(More)
Sixty articles in five Australian women's magazines were analyzed for journalistic qualities, metaphors, narrative features and accuracy of clinical facts related to risk, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The stories were features, news features or soft news stories. The stories reflected the 'good news' editorial style of women's magazines.(More)
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