Morgan D. Coleman

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This dissertation is primarily focused on exploring whether weak cohesion among icy particles in Saturn's dense rings is consistent with observations—and if so, what limits can be placed on the strength of such cohesive bonds, and what dynamical or observable consequences might arise out of cohesive bonding. Here I present my numerical method that allows(More)
The title compound, C12H14N6O, consists of three pyrazole rings bound via nitro-gen to the distal ethane carbon of meth-oxy ethane. The dihedral angles between the three pyrazole rings are 67.62 (14), 73.74 (14), and 78.92 (12)°. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked by bifurcated C-H,H⋯N hydrogen bonds, forming double-stranded chains along [001]. The(More)
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