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Myocardial blood flow was analyzed by radioisotope-labeled microspheres and ultrafast computed tomography (CT) in 16 closed-chest, anesthetized dogs. The first set of 10 dogs had CT and microsphere measurements before and after chromonar-induced increases in myocardial blood flow. A second set of six dogs had flows measured at control and during temporary(More)
Sommerfeld, 1 and, since then, other ways of deriving the theory have been given, 2. 3 > 4 > s each bringing out some special feature of the problem. It is the object of this paper to present yet another point of view, which promises to be of practical importance for dealing with situations where the path of propagation lies partly over land and partly over(More)
Bioretention basins are man-made topographic depressions designed to collect and retain surface water runoff. In most cases these basins are used to prevent flooding and/or remove environmentally harmful pollutants and sediments from entering natural aquatic systems. To maximize environmental benefits, these systems are often planted with flood-tolerant(More)
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