Morgan Bihannic

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F17 fimbriae are produced by pathogenic Escherichia coli involved in diarrhea and septicemia outbreaks in calves and lambs. These proteins result from the expression of four different clustered genes, namely f17A, f17D, f17C and f17G, encoding a pilin protein, a periplasmic protein, an anchor protein and an adhesin protein, respectively. Several variants of(More)
Among the pathovars of Escherichia coli in cattle, necrotoxigenic E. coli (NTEC) is defined by the production of cytotoxic necrotizing factors (CNFs). In particular, type 2 NTEC (NTEC2) strains are frequent in diarrheic and septicemic calves and usually coproduce CNF type 2 (CNF2), cytolethal distending toxin type III (CDTIII), and fimbrial adhesins of the(More)
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