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In MITICA, the ITER neutral beam injector prototype, in-vessel components will be instrumented with thermocouples for material thermal measurements and water cooling calorimetry. A subset of MITICA thermal sensors will be installed in ITER Neutral Beam Injectors and it will consist of type N Mineral Insulated (MI) thermocouples with Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)(More)
In-vessel components of Megavolt ITER Injector and Concept Advancement, the ITER neutral beam injector prototype, will be instrumented with different sensor technologies mainly for protection and thermal control: thermocouples (TCs) will be used as thermal sensors distributed on all the in-vessel components, accelerometers as boiling detectors mounted on(More)
M. Cavenago, G. Serianni, P. Veltri, M. De Muri, V. Antoni, R. Pasqualotto, M. Barbisan, B. Laterza, L. Baseggio, M. Bigi, V. Cervaro, D. Ravarotto, G. Claps, G.Croci, P. Agostinetti, F. Degli Agostini, P. Barbato, M. Brombin, E. Fagotti, L. Franchin, G. Gorini, T. Kulevoy, F. Cavaliere, G. Maero, M. Maniero, D. Fasolo, A. Minarello, L. Migliorato, F.(More)
Neutral Beam Injectors (NBIs), which need to be strongly optimized in the perspective of DEMO reactor, request a thorough understanding of the negative ion source used and of the multi-beamlet optics. A relatively compact radio frequency (rf) ion source, named NIO1 (Negative Ion Optimization 1), with 9 beam apertures for a total H(-) current of 130 mA, 60(More)
M. Cavenago1, G. Serianni2, V. Antoni2, M. De Muri1,2, R. Pasqualotto2, M. Barbisan2, B. Laterza2, L. Baseggio2, M. Bigi2, V. Cervaro2, D. Ravarotto2, G. Claps3, G.Croci4,5, P. Agostinetti2, F. Degli Agostini2, E. Fagotti1, F. Fellin2, L. Franchin2, G. Gorini5,6, T. Kulevoy1,7, G. Maero8, M. Maniero2, M. Cazzador9, A. Mimo9, D. Fasolo10, A. Minarello2, A.(More)
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