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AIMS To assess the cost-effectiveness and the cost utility of remote patient monitoring (RPM) when compared with the usual care approach based upon differences in the number of hospitalizations, estimated from a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials (RCTs). METHODS AND RESULTS We reviewed the literature published between January 2000 and September(More)
One hundred fourteen patients with variant angina performed bicycle exercise stress tests, and were divided into three groups. Group 1 included 37 patients with a normal exercise test. Coronary arteriography revealed absence of significant coronary stenoses in 18 patients, one-vessel disease in 17 and involvement of two or more vessels in two. Group 2(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The development of electronic editions of scientific journals and the rapid spread of scientific information might modify the pattern the bibliographic citations, and thus the impact factor and quality of journals. We assessed changes in the impact factor over years of a number of journals and whether the presence of an electronic(More)
Two patients complained of chest pain while at rest and during physical activities. However there seemed to be no direct relation between exertional angina and an increasing level of work performed, indicating that these patients had a variable threshold of angina during exercise. In one patient spontaneous chest pain was associated with transient S-T(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Long term safety of DES, particularly regarding thrombosis is of concern. The hypothesized underlying mechanisms (stent under expansion, malapposition) could be prevented by IVUS guidance. Aim of this meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials (RCT) and high quality observational cohort studies (HQ-OBS) is to quantify the(More)
The effect of the heart rate on the Doppler aortic regurgitant velocity curve was evaluated in 14 patients with aortic regurgitation. The heart rate was increased in two steps with either endocardial or transesophageal pacing in 12 patients and with atropine sulfate in 2 patients (increased from 66 +/- 7 to 82 +/- 4 beats per minute [step 1] to 100 beats(More)
BACKGROUND The decreased availability of economic resources, opposed to the increased demand for medical assistance, requires the use of methods to assess hospital efficiency. Purpose of our study was to evaluate and quantify the "products" of a cardiology department, as well as the changes in time of their production, by means of a catalogue of medical(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine overall and aetiology-related incidence of secondary prevention ICD implantation over the last 15years in Canton Ticino and to assess clinical outcome according to time period of implantation. METHODS AND RESULTS Consecutive patients treated by implantation of an ICD for secondary prevention from 2000 to(More)
INTRODUCTION Novel bibliometric indexes (commonly known as altmetrics) are gaining interest within the scientific community and might represent an important alternative measure of research quality and output. AIMS We evaluate how these new metrics correlate with established bibliometric indexes such as the impact factor (IF), currently used as a measure(More)