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Starting from a mathematical reinterpretation of the classical crossover operator, a new type of crossover is introduced. The proposed new crossover operator gives better performances than the classical 1 point, 2 point or uniform crossover operators. In the paper a theorical investigation of the behaviour of the new crossover is presented. In comparison to(More)
In recent years Image Fractal Compression techniques (IFS) have gained more interest because of their capability to achieve high compression ratios while maintaining very good quality of the reconstructed image. The main drawback of such techniques is the very high computing time needed to determine the compressed code. In this work, after a brief(More)
This paper concerns with automatic pipeline implementation of a program subject to some real time (RT) constraints; the program is described through a Control Data Flow Graph (CDFG). We have developed a mapping methodology which assigns to each instruction of CDFG a time step and a HW resource for its execution. We have defined the space Ω of all the(More)
Summary form only given. We address the design of pipelined systems able to sustain the throughput of a given periodic task and, at the same time, to serve aperiodic requests associated with hard real-time constraints. The proposed method is based on the allocation of the global graph (periodic and aperiodic tasks), over-dimensioning the design of the(More)