Mordechai Sokuler

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We present a method to monitor the diffusion of liquid molecules in polymers. A microdrop of water is deposited by a piezoelectric drop generator onto the upper surface of a cantilever made of SU-8 based photoresist. In response, the cantilever bends in the opposite direction. We find that this bending is mainly caused by the diffusion of water into the(More)
The spontaneous spreading of drops of polyisoprene melt terminated with methyl (PI-CH(3)), hydroxyl (PI-OH), and carboxyl groups (PI-COOH) on hydrophilic silicon surfaces has been studied experimentally. Despite the fact that all three polymers have a similar surface tension (0.032 N/m) at the polymer-air interface, the equilibrium contact angles were 29(More)
Condensation on soft elastic surfaces differs significantly from condensation on hard surfaces. On polymeric substrates with varying cross-linking density, we investigate the nucleation and the growth of condensing water drops. With increasing softness of the substrates, we find (1) increasing nucleation density, (2) longer relaxation times for drop shape(More)
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