Mordechai Nisenson

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The purpose of this study was to measure myocardial cell and sarcomere lengths at the bases and apices of the right (RV) and left ventricle (LV) of 4 normal canine hearts. The RV and LV were simultaneously fixed with glutaraldehyde at zero transmural pressure. Sections of trabeculae carneae were taken from the 1 cm cut at the bases (free wall) of the RV and(More)
Motivated by authentication, intrusion and spam detection applications we consider single-class classification (SCC) as a two-person game between the learner and an adversary. In this game the learner has a sample from a target distribution and the goal is to construct a classifier capable of distinguishing observations from the target distribution from(More)
A key piece of information in healthcare is a patient's benefit plan. It details which treatments and procedures are covered by the health insurer (or payer), and at which conditions. While the most accurate and complete implementation of the plan resides in the payerâ s claims adjudication systems, the inherent complexity of these systems forces(More)
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