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In the past few decades, a constructivist discourse has emerged as a very powerful model for explaining how knowledge is produced in the world, as well as how students learn. 1 For constructivists like Joe Kincheloe (2000) and Barbara Thayer-Bacon (1999), knowledge about the world does not simply exist out there, waiting to be discovered, but is rather(More)
Data are presented on standardization and reliability of a behavior-based measure of attention and self-control. This computerized test system administers a series of continuous performance tests, as well as measures of response inhibition. The practicality and sturdiness of this approach have allowed for the development of normative data based on the(More)
Scope Bold Visions in Educational Research is international in scope and includes books from two areas: teaching and learning to teach and research methods in education. Each area contains multi-authored handbooks of approximately 200,000 words and monographs (authored and edited collections) of approximately 130,000 words. All books are scholarly, written(More)
Dental anxiety may be a serious limiting factor in providing adequate dental treatment. The present study sought to define the prevalence of dental anxiety in a cross-section of young Israeli adults (389 male Israeli army recruits) to correlate anxiety scores with their oral health status and to compare the findings with existing data. The main stimuli(More)
A higher Performance than Verbal score commonly is interpreted as indicating a more externalizing, action-oriented style, while those who display the reverse pattern of WAIS scores often are seen as better able to delay. Because very similar personality descriptions are developed from the Rorschach Experience Balance (EB), a relationship between(More)
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