Mordecai Avriel

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This paper deals with a stowage plan for containers in a container ship. Since the approach to the containers on board the ship is only from above, it is often the case that containers have to be shifted. Shifting is de ned as the temporary removal from and placement back of containers onto a stack of containers. Our aim is to nd a stowage plan that(More)
This paper deals with two-stage and multi-stage stochastic programs in which the right-hand sides of the constraints are Gaussian random variables. Such problems are of interest since the use of Gaussian estimators of random variables is widespread. We introduce algorithms to nd upper bounds on the optimal value of two-stage and multi-stage stochastic(More)
A multistage membrane separation process for hydrogen recovery is described and formulated as a signomial programming problem. Two different configurations are examined. A 3-stage and a 5-stage process design problem are solved. The optimal solution to these programs is computed from an initial point that does not satisfy the mass balance or transport(More)
During the last few years, conjugate-gradient methods have been found to be the best available tool for large-scale minimization of nonlinear functions occurring in geophysical applications. While vectorization techniques have been applied to linear conjugate-gradient methods designed to solve symmetric linear systems of algebraic equations, arising mainly(More)
Inflation targeting —the central bank practice of attempting to keep inflation levels within fixed bounds around a quantitative target — has been adopted by more than twenty economies. Such practice has an important impact on the stochastic nature of inflation and, consequently, on the pricing of inflation derivatives. We develop a flexible model of(More)
A generally nonconvex optimization problem with equality constraints is studied. The problem is introduced as an “inf sup” of a generalized augmented Lagrangian function. A dual problem is defined as the “sup inf’ of the same generalized augmented Lagrangian. Sufftcient conditions are derived for constructing the augmented Lagrangian function such that the(More)