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OBJECTIVE A sentinel study was carried out to determine the antimicrobial susceptibilities of Gram-positive anaerobic cocci (GPAC) freshly isolated from clinical material in diagnostic laboratories in England and Wales. METHODS A total of 113 GPAC isolates consisting predominantly of current or former members of the genus Peptostreptococcus was obtained(More)
Genetic screening to identify carriers of autosomal recessive diseases has become an integral part of routine prenatal care. In spite of the rapid growth of known mutations, most current screening programs include only a small subset of these mutations, and are performed using diverse molecular techniques, which are generally labor-intensive and time(More)
AIM To evaluate the rates of endocrine abnormalities in survivors of childhood brain tumors and identify risk factors. METHODS The medical charts of patients were reviewed for background, disease-related and treatment-related data. Endocrine dysfunction was determined by clinical and laboratory evaluation. RESULTS The study group included 114 patients(More)
The authors report a case where a woman presents a right jugular bulb procidence already known and responsible of a perception deafness. Secondarily, a right facial paralysis is appeared progressively and not regressive even with medical treatment. When the computed tomography as shown an intrapetrous diverticular, the facial paralysis treatment was(More)
After having recalled the different physiologic hypothesis of the tinnitus and those more documented of the pain, the authors noted certain parallelious in the therapeutical approaches of these tow subjectives sensations. They put the emphasis on the necessity, like with pain, to treat the tinnitus as fast as possible in order to avoid a centralisation by(More)
Cannot simply be considered as a nociception phenomenon: it is more complex than a simple transmission system that conveys this information to the cerebral cortex. It is mainly a psychological event. Numerous regulating and inhibiting effects on incoming pain signals exist, for the most part located in spinal and thalamic areas; only half of these are(More)
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