Moran Fridman

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To evaluate the effect of bevacizumab and sildenafil on stroke parameters in a mouse model, middle cerebral artery occlusion was induced in male C57Bl/6 mice using an intra-arterial filament method. The filament was removed after 60 minutes, and the mice were immediately given a single intraperitoneal injection of saline, bevacizumab, or sildenafil. An(More)
Our investigation was carried out on an assumption that end results among patients radically-treated for colorectal cancer might be improved by use of enteroabsorption. The study group included 17, controls--13 patients with diagnostically verified stage I-III tumors. Mixed sorbent (microcellulose + polysorb) (6g) was administered, once a week, on the(More)
Enterosorption was used in the preparation of 30 patients for operations for carcinoma of the colon in order to make detoxication of the organism and to reduce the amount of postoperative pyo-inflammatory complications. The effectiveness of detoxication was confirmed by laboratory analysis. The amount of postoperative complications were reduced from 40% to(More)
Polifepan was used for preoperative detoxication by enterosorption in 40 cases of cancer of the large bowel. The results were compared in the study group and controls who had received standard premedication. Postoperative complication frequency dropped 35-10% and postoperative inpatient stay duration--28.3-17.8 days.
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the commonest malignancies of Western countries, with approximately half the incidence occurring in patients > 70 years of age. Elderly CRC patients, however, are insufficient to fully examined, therefore, they receive inadequate treatment and underrepresented in clinical trials. The International Society of Geriatric(More)
A total of 108 patients have filled in questionnaires on falling asleep, sleeping, night awakenings and other characteristics. Their answers have been analysed and it was concluded that night sleep of patients especially in the postoperative period was characterized by prolonged period of falling asleep (over 30 min in 50% of patients), reduced duration, in(More)
The article presents the results of surgery outcomes in 127 elderly patients with colon cancer. The patients were divided into two groups: the main group (prospective, n = 52) and control group (retrospective, n = 75). The combined preoperative nutritive status assessment by BMI and a prognostic hypotrophy index were used. It included the optimization of(More)
There are presented results of treatment of 347 patients with colorectal cancer. Laparoscopic surgery had been planned for 92 (26.5%) patients (study group). In 79 (85.9%) patients surgery was performed completely by laparoscopy, 13 (14.1%) patients underwent conversion. In 255 (73.5%) patients surgery was carried out from an open access (control group).(More)