Morad El Baz

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In this paper, we construct a covariant differential calculus on a quantum plane with two-parametric quantum group as a symmetry group. The two cases d = 0 and d = 0 are completely established. We also construct differential calculi n = 2 and n = 3 nilpotent on super quantum spaces with one and two-parametric symmetry quantum supergroup.
A new realization model of controlled-not (C-NOT) three gates operations, between two atoms and coherent light. The proposed interaction model allows to earn more interaction time compared with the C-NOT two gates model of the reference work. As investigation of the obtained results, we enhance and optimize a recent teleportation work via coherent cavity(More)
We give a general approach for the construction of deformed oscillators. These ones could be seen as describing deformed bosons. Basing on new definitions of certain quantum series, we demonstrate that they are nothing but the ordinary exponential functions in the limit when the deformation parameters goes to one. We also prove that these series converge to(More)
A generalized definition of a deformation of the fermionic oscillator (k-fermionic oscillators) is proposed. Two prescriptions for the construction of generalized Grassmann coherent states for this kind of oscillators are derived. The two prescriptions differs in the nature of the generalized Grassmann variables used. While we use Majid’s definition for(More)