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The diversity of negotiation types in e-commerce calls for a clear description of the rules that govern them. The participant has to know the rules before engaging in a negotiation, and to this end, a formalism is needed which allows for the serialization and visualization of the rules. Furthermore, this formal description should be executable, in order to(More)
Combined Negotiations are a novel and general type of negotiation, in which the user is interested in many goods or services and consequently engages in many negotiations at the same time. The negotiations are independent of each other, whereas the goods or services are typically interdependent. Using currently available technology for electronic(More)
To investigate the various research questions concerning e-negotiations, an appropriate software infrastructure is needed. As part of our project on electronic marketplaces, we have developed the Generic Experimentation Engine (GEE). GEE supports game-oriented experimentation and allows for the study of human behavior under various game situations. The more(More)
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E-Negotiation is the process of conducting negotiations between business partners using electronic means. The interest in e-negotiation is motivated by its potential to provide business partners with more efficient processes, enabling them to draft better contracts in less time. Most of today's e-marketplaces support some form of e-negotiation. Numerous(More)