Mora‐Macías Javier

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We have developed an experimental system to study nucleocytoplasmic traffic of proteins in living mammalian cells. Toward this goal, substrates were generated that contain several copies of Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein (GFP). To follow facilitated transport across the nuclear envelope we created reporter proteins that carry different nuclear(More)
Phosphate (Pi)-deficient soils are a major limitant factor for crop production in many regions of the world. Despite that plants have innovated several developmental and biochemical strategies to deal with this stress, there are still massive extensions of land which combine several abiotic stresses, including phosphate starvation, that limit their use for(More)
This paper is a step forward in my research work about using wireless teleoperation on hydraulics mobile machines. This paper deals with the importance of data acquisition from and to the mobile machine and the ways of displaying the information for the teleoperator in control station. The paper also explores a set of possible errors occurring during the(More)
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