Moorthy Muthukrishnan

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In oxide chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) processes, layout pattern dependent variation in the interlevel dielectric (ILD) thickness can reduce yield and impact circuit performance. Metal-fill patterning practices have emerged as a technique for substantially reducing layout pattern dependent ILD thickness variation. We present a generalizable(More)
Chromium-soil adsorption system exhibited both Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models fit to the sorption data in the studied range of concentration. However the model fit was much better for Freundlich isotherm, this was primarily due to low adsorptive capacity of the soil, 1/n is equal to about 1.08 which is quite close to 1.0, indicating low adsorptive(More)
The conventional fusion welding of cast aluminium alloys is generally difficult due to some common defects such as porosity, oxide inclusion, and hot cracking, which in turn reduce the weld strength. In recent years, friction stir welding (FSW) was found to be very effective for the welding of various wrought aluminum alloys. This paper investigates a metal(More)
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