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In vivo ubiquinone reduction levels during thermogenesis in araceae
In vivo ubiquinone (UQ) reduction levels were measured during the development of the inflorescences of Arum maculatum and Amorphophallus krausei. Thermogenesis in A. maculatum spadices appeared notExpand
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Acid-base control for biocatalysis in organic media: new solid-state proton/cation buffers and an indicator
Although great care is generally taken to buffer aqueous enzyme reactions, active control of acid-base conditions for biocatalysis in low-water media is rarely considered. Here we describe a newExpand
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Mechanical Properties of the Carbon Fiber/PEEK Composite APC-2/AS-4 for Structural Applications
The mechanical properties of carbon fiber/polyetheretherketone (CF/PEEK) composites have been characterized for structural applications. Stiffness and strength properties were measured onExpand
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Narcolepsy and obesity: remission of severe cataplexy with sibutramine.
An overweight patient (body mass index of 34 kg/m(2)) with narcolepsy associated with cataplexy is described. Polysomnography did not indicate obstructive sleep apnea. Her obesity was treated withExpand
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Two new species of 'Abantiades' Herrich-Schaffer (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) from Western Australia
'Abantiades lineacurva' sp. n. and 'Abantiades argentangulum' sp. n. are described, illustrated and compared with other Australian species of Hepialidae.
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