Moonyong Lee

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SUMMARY The fractional order system, which is described by the fractional order derivative and integral, has been studied in many engineering areas. Recently, the concept of fractional order has been generalized to the distributed order concept, which is a parallel connection of fractional order integrals and derivatives taken to the infinitesimal limit in(More)
Stability and performance of a system can be inferred from the evolution of statistical characteristic (i.e. mean, variance…) of system states. The polynomial chaos of Wiener provides a computationally effective framework for uncertainty quantification of stochastic dynamics in terms of statistical characteristic. In this work, polynomial chaos is used for(More)
The design of the PID controller cascaded with first order filter has been proposed for the second order unstable time delay processes. The design algorithm is based on the IMC criterion which has single tuning parameter to adjust the performance and robustness of the controller. The setpoint filter is used to diminish the overshoot in servo response. The(More)
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