Moonvin Song

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This paper demonstrates the benefits of hardwiring two of the main RTOS functionalities for multitasking environment. They are context switching and software interrupt processing operations. In particular, the paper proposes reconfiguring the FPGA which includes the proposed one time reconfigurable CPU and RTOS hardware, optimized for a given application by(More)
Task management is one of the most basic functions of an operating system. We took μC/OS-II real-time operating system as an example in this paper, put forward hardware design scheme of task management based on FPGA, and carried out the simulation and verification by means of Xilinx ISE software. We mainly designed and implemented hardware logical circuits(More)
This paper proposes a cosimulation methodology that results in an efficient SoC design as well as fast verification by integrating HDL, System-C, and algorithm-level abstraction using the design tools Active-HDL and Matlab Simulink. To demonstrate the proposed design methodology, we implemented the design technique on a serial connection multi-channel(More)
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