Moonseok Kim

Christopher Fang-Yen3
Youngwoon Choi2
3Christopher Fang-Yen
2Youngwoon Choi
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A single multimode fiber is considered an ideal optical element for endoscopic imaging due to the possibility of direct image transmission via multiple spatial modes. However, the wave distortion induced by the mode dispersion has been a fundamental limitation. In this Letter, we propose a method for eliminating the effect of mode dispersion and therefore(More)
Light waves incident to a highly scattering medium are incapable of penetrating deep into the medium due to the multiple scattering process. This poses a fundamental limitation to optically imaging, sensing, and manipulating targets embedded in opaque scattering layers such as biological tissues. One strategy for mitigating the shallow wave penetration is(More)
We implement differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy using high-speed synthetic aperture imaging that expands the passband of coherent imaging by a factor of 2.2. For an aperture synthesized coherent image, we apply for the numerical post-processing and obtain a high-contrast DIC image for arbitrary shearing direction and bias retardation. In(More)
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