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The study deals with cooperative space conceptualization by humans according to the AI-based cognitive approach and the urban-planning approach of architects and planners. It carries out the diagnosis and the control of example spaces in known urban environments. The paper is oriented toward suggesting system architectures to let spatial agents add(More)
H.._.ierarchical S. cene Structures (HSS) can be used to represent the perceptual structures found in segmented images which arise from inter-region relationships between the image segments. These relationships include continuation of boundaries, proximity, enclosure, and similarity of shape, intensity, size, and directionality. Our prototype system for HSS(More)
The integration of a conventional database system with the inductive inference mechanism has created a new type of system called an inductive database which has high potentials in many application areas. This paper provides an overview of several specific topics related to inductive databases and presents a bibliography for further reading in this area of(More)
In spot markets for trading fishes, single-sided auctions are used for clearing the market by virtue of its promptness and simplicity, which are important in dealing with perishable goods. However, in those auctions, sellers cannot participate in price-making process. A standard double auction market collects bids from traders and matches buyers’ higher(More)
An expert system, called LEADER, has been designed and implemented for automatic learning, detection, identification, verification and correction of anomalous propulsion system operations in real time. LEADER employs a set of sensors to monitor engine component performance, and to detect, identify and validate abnormalities with respect to varying engine(More)
Power plant data is recorded through hundreds of channels at a very fast rate. Many times situations arise where faulty data gets recorded. The possible causes for these situations include faulty instruments, malfunctioning plant components , faulty sensors, or operator induced errors. Identifying and removing the faulty instances from a very large volume(More)
A flight expert system (FLES) is being developed [1-7] to assist pilots in monitoring, diagnosing and recovering from in-flight faults. To provide a communications interface between the flight crew and FLES, a natural language interface (NALI) has been implemented. Input to NALI is processed by three processors: 1) the semantic parser, 2) the knowledge(More)